4oz Scented Soy Mini Glass Jar Candles


These candles are hand-poured in upstate New York, using 100% pure soy wax. Each one burns for 20 hours, & with 4 delightful scents to choose from, your nose will never get bored! 


Washed Linen:  Clean and crisp. This fragrance opens with bright notes of citrus and warms down to a floral and warm finish. (citrus, lavender, magnolia, amber)

Black Pine:  A snap of Japanese black pine and uplifting cedar notes create a fragrance sure to bring memories to life. (japanese black pine, sap, cedar)

Vetiver Cream:  Aromatic notes of smooth vetiver and rich vanilla bean rise above a warm base of earthy patchouli, smooth sandalwood, golden amber and sweet musk. (vetiver, patchouli, amber)

Red Yuzu:  This fragrance begins with a bright citrus top note of lemon and grapefruit which is intertwined with notes of nutmeg and eucalyptus. The main body of the fragrances is a floral jasmine and rose accord with iris notes. The fragrance dries down to an amber musk base with a tree moss finish. (yuzu, rose, iris, tree moss)

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