moving Spring in

lots going on in the shop...

things here have been pretty exciting lately. not only are we unearthing great vintage accessories for your
spring spruce-up, but we have a couple of major road trips and antique buying shows planned.
searching, laughing, finding.

but - we're not just about old stuff anymore.

we've been on a big campaign to let locals know that we have great 'new' finds in the shop as well. 

just like the vintage stuff that made us famous, our retail lines are painstakingly handpicked
and share an individual twist as well as compliment many of our antiques. we've been focusing on
house accessories, kitchen wares, and personal care products.

so remember us for your next special event or holiday (psst: mom's day is sunday, may 11th).
we can help you find that special birthday present or pick out the perfect hostess gift.

in this week:

the sweetest 1920's beveled mirror.

royal ENAMEL 1939 typewriter.
set of 6 INCREDIBLE 1930's captain's chairs.
viscount portable 1950's beauty in its own carrying case.
farm soaps (our fave: patchouli, cedar, and sage!)
nests...the perfect reminder of spring.
life is pretty good here...back to unpacking the truck.

see you at the shop,


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