vintage house call!

oh what fun we had digging this week! we were invited to a local collector's home: 70 years of WOW!

we were there for hours, got extremely dirty, and moved loads and loads into our cars.
can you think of a better day?

here's a sampling:

architect's stool, circa 1925. metal twist brace styling.

 collection of vintage art supplies: wonderful old boxes containing pastels, oil paints, colored pencils.

 rattan veranda chairs: intricate design and cane seats (found three of these beauties !)

 french market pushcart, circa 1930: this woven wonder rides along on wooden wheels, complete with rattan handle. perfect for the farmers market!

 pair of silver plated cologne bottles circa 1940.

 darners kit: this complete kit circa 1940 is packed with celluloid tools, thimbles, and cuteness!

 AND the amazing news is we are now open until 7pm every night!

if you've read this far (then we love you!) come in between the hours of 5 and 7 and simply say  the code: LATE HOURS and pick up a secret jewel for $5!

(this secret sale runs for the month of may | one per customer.)

psssst: perfect mothers days gifts here! 
c'mon in - we're wheeling and dealing as we get ready for brimfield in a couple of weeks!

see you at the shop.

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