big time jewelry score . . . and fun time party to go with it!

join us thursday, july 10 as we unveil a 500 piece collection of VINTAGE $10 jewels.

lucky us, we just purchased a GIGANTIC collection of jewels...
lucky you, we are pricing them at $8 each this week!  
(sale ends sunday, july 13)


we'll be setting the jewels out on thursday and serving refreshments from 5-8 for added jewel-perusing enjoyment.
grab a friend to bring along, and plan to have one heck of a fun evening!

other jewel reductions throughout the shop:
all POILS and $20 jewels will be offered at $15 each!

it's almost time for our favorite clothing sale at st. barnabas in irvington, ny
tons of clothing, gently used and vintage!
if you love to hunt for the unusual, this is your sale.
wednesday, july16
thursday july 17
(yes! we'll be there with our jewels.)

the church of st. barnabas
15 north broadway, irvington, ny

come on in and bring a friend!
see you at the shop...

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