stephanie steals things from the store

i took a ghost chair from my store...
one of the 70's lucite looking- invisible items.


only days before i had been sitting in my living room staring at my most cherished piece of furniture;
a 1920's secretary with the most beautiful curved glass doors and leather drop down.
not only was this a beauty in its own right but i had stumbled upon it being offered at a bargain basement price.
of course i was driving home from my summer vacation in a TEENY tiny car at the time.

it was doubly exciting because my pal, beth, and i were told by
a very determined DOUBTING THOMAS of a man (the owner of the shop the desk was in)
that there was no way, NO WAY we were going to be able to fit it in my car.

this guy had been selling furniture for years.
this guy knew his stuff, this guy had been around the block.

(this guy priced it too low.)

NO WAY was it going to fit.

yes, we stuffed it in.

anyway, 3 hours later it was in my living room.

so, the desk has been perfectly happy next to the sweetest wood
'lollipop' ladder back chair for quite some time, almost like the two were made
for each other...i'm not sure why but i started thinking about the ghost chair from the shop and thought it might
make a nice contrast next to the dark wood. a way to  breath some light, some levity into the room.

anyway, i'm living with the ghost chair next the desk for the time being. the ladder back is
close by in the next room.  i'm waiting to see what the test of time brings...

what do you think?

 vintage typewriter, ladder back chair, pretty funny vintage, tarrytown, hudson valley

1970's ghost chair, vintage furniture, pretty funny vintage, tarrytown NY, hudson valley, antiques

stop by the store and let me know your vote. better hurry though before i take more stuff home...

see you at the shop!


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thanks for the votes, guys! i ended up using the ghost chair and i love it..and yes, it’s very comfortable, liz.

pretty funny vintage

I love the placement of the ghost chair instead of the ladderback chair. It is unexpected, but its lines – curvy – mimic the curved glass frames above. Also, the arms pick up the sloped wood details next to the drawers. All in all, the ghost chair complements the desk beautifully. It also doesn’t hinder viewing of the desk because it is a ghost – I VOTE FOR KEEPING THE CHAIR STEPHANIE!


I was just saying to a friend, as we walked through the fabulous basement of your store, that I thought the chair would be great for providing contrast to heavier, more opaque, elements in a room. And look what you’ve gone and done! I’ve always liked the way clear chairs look as accessories in home design photos. I’ve never sat in one though. Is it comfortable?


At first I wasn’t crazy about the ghost chair, but now it is growing on me- it looks like the back of a Humpty Dumpty shaped person!

Susan Henke

love the ghost (have used it alot) but like the other


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