gentlemen and snacks (what more could you ask for)

just in this week… a collection of salesman's catalogue pages.

these victorian men, in their dashing attire, will charm the pants off of you.

come peruse our vintage m. born & company catalogue pages, priced at $62 ea.

m. born & company, catalogue, pretty funny vintage, tarrytown, sleepy hollow, vintage, antique, gentlemen

ok, we did say gentlemen AND snacks. so, here are the snacks...

traditional and new-fangled brittles that won't break your teeth, or your wallet. $8 ea.

hammond's brittle, peanut brittle, cashew brittle, pretty funny vintage, snacks, sleepy hollow, tarrytown

these byrd's brand cookies are great for before AND after dinner, with a cheddar pecan flavor and tasty key lime. $11 ea.

byrd's famous cookies, cheddar pecan, key lime, pretty funny vintage, tarrytown, sleepy hollow

handmade in colorado, these caramels are trouble. five different flavors to tempt those tastebuds. $1.50 ea

caramels, hammond's candy, candy, pretty funny vintage, chocolate, marshmallow, tarrytown, sleepy hollow

need a little something for your next visit?

 pair any of these snacks with a bottle of wine for that perfect hostess gift.

 need a little fun?

 we'll be here all week, smothered in caramels.


see you at the shop.



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