our custom pennants have arrived...

our one-of-a-kind, custom designed wool felt pennants are finally here, and boy are they great!

available in an orange and black "sleepy hollow, new york" design; a golden and black "tarrytown, ny" design; or a burgundy and gold "upstate" design.

"sleepy hollow, new york" and "tarrytown, ny" pennants are $21 each and measure 21" long from back edge to tip, and 6 1/2" high at their widest points.

"upstate" pennants are $26 each and measure 26 1/2" from back edge to tip, and 8 1/2" high at their widest point.

sleepy hollow souvenirs, felt pennants, pretty funny vintage

tarrytown souvenir, tarrytown, pretty funny vintage

upstate, felt pennants, pennants, tarrytown, ny pretty funny vintage

 stop by the shop to get your very own pennant, or order them online here.

see you at the shop...


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