new spring shizz at the shop...

color has returned to the world, the birds are singing, and we are gathering goodies to brighten your daily life.

our new shipment of organic jams from local shady acres farm includes the classics, plus a unique vanilla bean pear flavor that will own your taste buds the minute they meet. $14 each.

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our new line of handcrafted candles by tatine burn for 60 hours, and come in 5 unbelievably aromatic garden & forest infused scents. $42 each.

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greet spring and your neighbors with one of our new adorable welcome mats! $34 each.

welcome mat, home decor in tarrytown, sleepy hollow, pretty funny vintage, home shopping

we also just received a shipment of books that will fill your head with all sorts of wonderful ideas about where to go, what to eat, how to improve your life, and more!

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the grass is green on every side over here.

take some time for yourself and stop on by to see what's sprouting up around the shop.

or just grab a cookie, sit on the porch, and gaze at the hudson in the sunshine for a few. [we won't judge.]

see you at the shop.


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