thank you mamas!!!

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we want to say THANK YOU to all the moms [and dads pulling mom-duty] out there, with a little breakfast porch party on the morning of saturday, may 7th. we will open at 9:30am for this special event, and will have coffee, breakfasty snacks, gifts, and 10% off an entire purchase made by any mom [or dad-moms]... PLUS, one free secret jewel to each of the first 25 moms that come in!
if you aren't sure what to get your own mom for mother's day, just have a scroll below for a few quick ideas. [and don't forget, we will wrap your gifts for you!]
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we hope to see you this saturday, may 7th, [with your mamas] for breakfast snacks, coffee, and a little bit of relaxation.
see you at the shop.
and now the moment you've all been waiting for… the ladies of pretty funny vintage with their moms and being moms!
mama susan and sandy.
sam, jack, maggie, and mama mary.
ellis, eleanor, mama steph, and owen.
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