big sale and art show and brimfield, OH MY!

big sale and art show and brimfield, OH MY!



we're taking a crew and a couple of trucks and heading to brimfield, massachusetts in just a few short weeks!

for those of you haven't heard, this is the world's largest outdoor antiques market.

picture farm field after farm field filled with every antique/vintage thing under the sun.

we have trudged through mud, wind, rain, and (please no) snow for this insanely good bonanza, and we're about to do it again. up at the crack of dawn, waiting in lines, hauling finds for miles back to the trucks... did we mention porta-potties???

and why do we do this? it's all for YOU! (well, we have a pretty darn good time too, but it's mostly a totally unselfish act.)


big sale.

a trip to brimfield means truckloads of new vintage and antique items. which means we need to make room in the shop. which means we're going to have a GIANT HALF OFF VINTAGE SALE. which means you'll save a bunch of money on those vintage goodies you've been coveting for so long.

our GIANT VINTAGE SALE includes all regularly priced vintage items over $20. all categories, all items. as long as it's vintage, not already on sale, and over $20, it's YOURS FOR 50% OFF!!!

this sale will run for one week (and one week only), from tuesday may 2nd through sunday may 7th. sorry, no exceptions! but don't worry, if you can't make it in to the shop during the week of the sale, we can run a credit card purchase over the phone so you don't miss out on anything while you're on vacation or getting your appendix removed. (we will only do this within regular store hours during the week of the sale... no early bird cheating!)


 art show.

for all of you collectors, and fans of vintage or uniqueness in general, our longtime friend and tarrytown resident, steven feldman, will be exhibiting his art at muddy water coffee & cafe from may 1 through may 31.
steven is a collector of overlooked treasures.  he scours the hudson valley and beyond, pouring through attics, basements and garages at estate and moving sales, in a hunt for lowly and neglected objects that might otherwise end up in the trash or dumpster.
feldman is especially fond of the worn things that show evidence of being used or well-loved.  as he says, "within the object exists a story from the lives that caused each crack or stain.  you wonder why some items have remained and not been discarded.  it's unlikely that anything that might replace them would be as good as the original."
these found objects are the materials used to create steven's displays.  they are his paint and clay; his frames come from discarded boards and boxes.  he uses his imagination and humor to create something fresh.  whether the result is a singular object, a small collection or an abstract assemblage, feldman's art is a reminder that one man's trash is another man's treasure.
muddy water is located at 52 main street in tarrytown.


 schedule of events.

monday, may 1st: steven feldman art show opening at muddy water on main street in tarrytown

tuesday, may 2nd: start of GIANT VINTAGE SALE at pretty funny vintage.

monday, may 8th: we arrive at brimfield and begin the hunt.

saturday, may 13th: brimfield finds are revealed in the shop.

sunday, may 14th: MOTHER'S DAY (don't forget about mom!!! we've got everything moms love right here at the shop, with new things coming in every day!)


we've got a lot of stuff going on around here in the coming weeks.

be sure to stop by and check it out!

see you at the shop.


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