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our FIRST PEEK HOLIDAY SHINDIG is on thursday, november 9th, from 4-9pm! 

we want to THANK YOU for all of your support throughout the year, with a special evening of refreshments, tasty foods, seasonal cheer, and first dibs on our hand-picked holiday finds.

we have been shopping for months, (and unpacking for weeks),  in preparation for the season, and we're finally ready to share our treasures with everyone...


vintage bowties make great outfit accessories and perfect gifts for your stylish friends, AND fit quite well into a stocking... ($24 - $32 each)

vintage bowties, sleepy hollow, tarrytown, bowties, menswear


cashmere toppers are back! without a doubt, our best selling gift every year for the past 6 years, these beauties are a no-brainer. ($145 each)

cashmere, gifts, wraps, tarrytown, pretty funny vintage, sleepy hollow, holiday


"women are like teabags... you never know how strong they are until you put them in hot water." - eleanor roosevelt

more often than not, our vintage cameos feature the image of a woman or women, strong and beautiful. another amazing gift for that special someone in your life.

vintage jewelry, gifts, pretty funny vintage, tarrytown, sleepy hollow


if you aren't sure what to wear at your next holiday hoo-ha, we've got you covered with our incredible collection of vintage clothing for both men and women. dresses, coats, shoes, purses... the list goes on and on. come on over and try something unique that'll blow them all away.

clothing, vintage clothing, pretty funny vintage, tarrytown, sleepy hollow


of course vintage and new ornaments will be making an appearance in the shop at the shindig... supplies are limited though, don't hesitate!

ornaments, vintage ornaments, pretty funny vintage, tarrytown, sleepy hollow, stars

christmas star, christmas, vintage, vintage ornament, pretty funny vintage, tarrytown, sleepy hollow, gift, shopping


poils! poils! poils! wear them singularly for a simple and classic look, or layered for a more modern and dramatic effect. ($20 each)

faux pearls, pearls, vintage jewelry, jewelry, tarrytown, sleepy hollow, pretty funny vintage, gift


there are a ton of goodies in the shop right now other than what we've featured here, but we think a little bit of mystery makes life a lot more exciting...

to see what else we've got going on, stop by the shop on thursday november 9th between 4-9pm. 

there will be cookies and, oh SO MUCH MORE.






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