brisk mornings and breezy evenings...

brisk mornings and breezy evenings mean the unofficial start of fall has arrived in sleepy hollow country.

but don't worry, we're here to help you prepare for the shock of summer's end with some of the coziest and most comforting goodies around.


kantha quilts have become a staple at pretty funny vintage, and with good reason. each of these cotton quilts are handmade using a combination of vintage saris and hand block printing, making each quilt an individual piece of functional art.

kantha, kantha quilts, saris, quilts, blankets, vintage, sleepy hollow, tarrytown


a smell can transport us through time and to far away lands in an instant. our collection of soy candles and room sprays by paddywax continues to grow, each scent having been hand picked by us with the sole purpose of making daily life just a sniff better.  

candles, gifts, paddywax, sleepy hollow, tarrytown


bella cucina products are new to the shop and our tastebuds couldn't be happier. with five flavors of gourmet pesto and two flavors of savory salts, (not to mention the two incredible dessert spreads) there is sure to be something that makes yours happy too! 

bella cucina, pesto, comfort, cozy, tarrytown, sleepy hollow, gourmet

savory salts, salts, gourmet, bella cucina, delicious, tarrytown, sleepy hollow


we love flowers here at the shop, but they don't always last as long as we'd like. (especially if you forget to water them....) we found the perfect solution in these gorgeous ceramic flower sculptures. perfect as a paperweight, or mounted on the wall for a subtle splash of natural color in the house!

flowers, ceramic flowers, sculpture, home decor, gifts, pretty funny vintage, tarrytown, sleepy hollow


with the fall season underway, we've decided to step up our headless horseman game with these new, custom designed headless horseman sleepy hollow tee shirts and wooden magnets! the t-shirts are black, with the horseman's silhouette and phrase "heads will roll" in white print on the front as well as "sleepy hollow, ny" on the back. available in standard small, medium, large, and extra large sizes.

souvenir, sleepy hollow, tarrytown, headless horseman

souvenir, magnet, headless horseman, sleepy hollow, tarrytown, pretty funny vintage


summer may be unofficially over, but dry your eyes... we're here to make the transition to fall smooth and wonderful.

come on over to get yourself a little slice of cozy... and grab a cookie or two while you're here. (we won't tell.)

see you at the shop.



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