we're extending our hours for the holidays, starting this monday! weeeee!



the holiday season is upon us!


with only two weeks of serious shopping left, we've decided to forgo sleep, cleaning our homes and feeding our families to be here for YOU.



monday, december 12th: 10am - 6pm

tuesday, december 13th10am - 6pm

wednesday, december 14th10am - 6pm

thursday, december 15th10am - 6pm

friday, december 16th10am - 7pm

saturday, december 17th10am - 7pm

sunday, december 18th10am - 7pm


monday, december 19th10am - 6pm

tuesday, december 20th10am - 6pm

wednesday, december 21st10am - 6pm

thursday, december 22nd10am - 6pm

friday, december 23rd10am - 7pm

saturday, december 24th [christmas eve]10am - 3pm 

sunday, december 25thCLOSED FOR CHRISTMAS DAY



yes we will wrap it for you and yes there will be cookies.


see you at the shop.



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