it's hard work, but it's still so much FUN!


everyone's been asking us how the best of westchester party went...

it was pretty crazy, but we had a blast and met so many amazing people!

i'm considering a break from the shop to focus on my new professional lip-syncing career... what do you guys think?
once we recovered from that incredible night, we made arrangements to attend another wild & crazy event... the new york gift show!!!
mary was raring to go from the minute we got there...
but by the end of the day, we were POOPED!

 as usual, we found some pretty amazing stuff at the show.
keep your eyes peeled and your visits frequent in the coming months for first dibs on the many new additions to the shop.
if you're following our instagram (@prettyfunnyvintage) you know we've also been traveling all over tarnation, finding incredible vintage treasures and hauling them back with us to get the shop ready for the fall season...
we're STILL a little bit pooped from the activities this borderline chaotic summer bestowed upon us... but it was all so totally worth it.
we'll see you gorgeous creatures at the shop!


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