last minute gift ideas that'll knock their socks off!

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need some last minute gift ideas that'll knock their socks off?

we'll be here to help every day thru xmas eve!

friday 12/17 thru sunday 12/19:
11am - 6pm
monday 12/20 thru thursday 12/23:
11am - 5pm
friday 12/24: 11am - 2pm

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as always, we've got an amazing collection of vintage jewelry at the shop, with pieces ranging from $10 each & up! (the incredible celluloid & rhinestone bracelets you see here range from $42 t0 $165 each.)
and our cypress & fir candles smell absolutely incredible. ($28 each) pair them with a decorated box of long-stick matches ($5 each) for a quick gift under $36!
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 how about these tasty camp craft cocktail jars ($26 each) or the shop classic cashmere/merino wool-blend socks by lisa b ($32/pr)?!
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you can't go wrong with anything from our body care line by formulary 55. there are foot soaks ($8 each), clay masks ($11 each), shea butter soaps ($7-$12 each), shea butter body cremes ($20 each), and more! we even have themed shea butter soap gift sets available! ($42 each set)
there's not a bad choice in our collection of flavored chocolate candy bars by hammond's either, and they are selling out fast! ($4 each)
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and if you don't find something you know for sure they'll absolutely love, you can always grab one of our shop gift certificates for them to use in the new year!
(don't forget, we'll be closed from 12/27/21 until february 2022.)
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bring a friend & have some fun...
see you at the shop!

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we'll be here on sunday, december 26th
from 11am - 6pm for a post-holiday SALE,

then we'll be CLOSED from december 27th
until february 2022 for our yearly reboot.

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