update from brimfield...

we're taking a quick break to check in with you guys and let you know how our brimfield trip is going so far...

our crew: mary and my mom. (they both go the distance, every day is 10 hours of walking!) these two have been working overtime to make this a successful trip. my mother is our middle man, making runs back to each truck with her pushcart full of smalls we've found. 


waiting for new england motel to open... (our favorite show at brimfield.)

at the end of the day, many of these dealers and hardcore shoppers will be at the fancy restaurant in town, covered in filth and sleeping in their soup. (that includes mary, my mother, and myself.)

the cold isn't stopping us this week!

can't start the insanity without a coffee in hand!

we always stumble upon some pretty interesting stuff here...

found (& bought) lots of great old leather...

we always meet some pretty unique peeps in the various show lines... the cold didn't seem to bother these guys at all.

12-hour days have yielded many rewards. the trucks are full and we're back on saturday, may 13th, with the goods. it's the perfect time for you to grab a look at our spoils of victory, and maybe even pick up something extra special for mom.

mother's day is sunday, may 14th... that's THIS COMING SUNDAY!!

if you don't want to wait until saturday to shop for mom, we'll be here all week with tons of stuff mom will love. we'll help you figure out the perfect gift and we'll wrap it for you too!

see you at the shop. (yes, cookies!)



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Everything looks fabulous—especially the leather "envelopes ". I’m coming by tomorrow. Nice job, guys! Thank you!


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