we're reopening for 2022 on friday, february 4th at 11 am!


whew, what a month it's been!
we've been counting and cleaning and ordering and organizing and taking road trips to scour many out of the way spots all over pennsylvania. 
OH BOY what fun we've had!
however, we've missed you all tremendously!
the good news is we'll be back here on friday, february 4th at 11am.
what's the shop loaded with right now?
 -refreshing dried eucalyptus & dried french lavender bundles-
-taper candles in all sorts of colors for every occasion-
-STUNNING wildlife photography by owen leggio-
-a new vintage $10 secret jewel collection-
-hand-picked deliciously scented candles-
-vintage framed needlepoint folk art-
-a fresh batch of shady acres jams-
-a new vintage clothing collection-
-well loved vintage teddy bears-
-valentine's day gifts & cards-
-cool old painted caddies-
-nina's delightful rose tea-
-camp craft cocktail kits-
-herringbone blankets-
-botanical pillows-
& so, so much MORE.
take a scroll down the page to see a little sneak peek at some of our road trip finds and a smattering of what you'll be able to grab in the shop when we reopen!
gifts, photography, wildlife photography
vintage jewelry, vintage crafts
vintage toys
valentine's day gifts, vday gifts
books, gifts, shopping in westchester
vintage caddy, vintage organizer, vintage shopping
vintage furniture
the shop is FULL of goodies, both new and vintage,
so come on over and say hi!
see you at the big yellow!
our winter hours are;
wednesdays & thursdays
11 am-5 pm
fridays, saturdays & sundays
11 am- 6pm


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