winter, schminter. we're all about leaping in to an early spring... (with a huge 20% off sale!!)

want a little extra happiness this weekend?

perhaps a chance to relax?

how about a big fat sale?

we're going to take 20% off of your entire in-store purchase
(excluding already discounted clearance items)
beginning on saturday, february 29th!

check out some of the goodies we've got
around the shop by scrolling down below this message!
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normally $24, this brand new line of deliciously scented soy candles by paddywax will be just $19.20 each for the sale!
our vintage brass & pewter candlestick holders
range in price from 
$62 per pair to $82 per pair,
but during the sale, they'll range from

$49.60 per pair to $65.60 per pair!

(plus we have a brand new line of taper candles
in an array of gorgeous colors that will
also be included in the sale!)
these adorable hand stitched rainbow pillows
will go from
$110 each down to $88 each!! 
no one should be without one (or three) of these cheerful little pear candles. they're unscented and will brighten up any room without triggering those pesky allergies... normally $9, they'll be $7.20 each! 
yes, our louis sherry candy will be on sale too!
the 2-piece tins will go from
$8.50 each down to $6.80 per tin!
and the 12-piece tins, normally
$42 each, will be just $33.60 each!
this incredible green faux bamboo and floral settee
screams happiness to us here at the shop.
$925, it'll be $740 starting tomorrow!

the incredible handmade pink/orange/yellow blanket
you see in the above image won't be included
because it's already HALF OFF!!!
$210, this beauty is now $105!

yes, even new books are included in this celebratory sale! this botanicum book, normally $35, is filled with breathtaking imagery and will be reduced to $28 for the sale.
two of our favorite things in the shop right now are this vintage railroad map ($465), and this incredible little rolltop desk ($725), now reduced to $372 and $580 respectively!
this vintage wooden coco crate has one of the best labels we've seen in a while. normally $125, it'll be just $100 for the sale!
yes, cashmere toppers will be included...
and at an already PERMANENTLY REDUCED
price of
$115, they'll be a steal at $92 each!

not to mention that incredible white mirror
that just came in to the shop last weekend...
marked at
$265, it'll be just $212 during the sale!
our vintage secret jewels and poils will go
$10-$20 each down to $8-$16 each!!
 our vintage flow blue dinnerware ranges in price from $10-$21 per plate, but during the sale they'll be $8-$16.80 each!

plus all sorts of other vintage and new kitchenware! 
all greeting cards will go from $6 each to $4.80 each!
(what a great opportunity to stock up for future events!)
our baby gifts are included in the sale too and will go from
$16-$28 each down to $12.80-$22.40!!
our joli earrings range from $36-$82 normally,
but will go down to $28.80-$65.60 for the sale!
(they're great for anniversaries and mother's day!)
that's a lotta sale...
but there's a whole lot more too.
stop by the shop and have some fun!
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